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Life Artfully Told started with everyday walks. A little girl finding small rocks, buds, leaves and flowers. She would admire them, tuck them into her pockets, and bring them home to add to her collection. These were simple found objects, but each one was also a treasure with meaning, playing a part in a story that only the girl knew how to tell.  

The smallest memories can hold powerful stories.  

This is why we created Life Artfully Told.  

Life Artfully Told designs are created from a palette of living objects, capturing their detail, beauty, and complexity. Wildflowers, grasses, buds, leaves, shells, sea life, and so much more inspire our words and our works, and we hope they inspire you. 


The foundation of our work lies in our values. Just as we encourage you to look closely at our designs and the natural world around you, we encourage you to examine our values. 

Cultural Preservation:  We believe a thriving society is dependent on the preservation of art, literature, history, science, and culture. This is why our products are found in museum stores where we know that the purchase of our products directly supports that museum.

Museum-Level Quality:  Our products are made to be cherished, to feel special when experienced. All of our products are meticulously designed and crafted in the United States.

Equal Opportunity:  We respect and empower all people, and strongly oppose discrimination based on age, gender, disability, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We actively support opportunities for women through employment, sourcing, and vendor relationships.  

Inclusivity: All people should be able to find products that fit their style, size and ability. For too long, so-called standard sizes and closures have excluded most women. Look for items designated One Sky to find products that are designed with options that include rather than exclude.

Stewardship: We revere our environment and want to protect it for future generations. We recognize that the jewelry industry has a harmful impact on the planet. To reduce this, we strive to incorporate responsible and sustainable business practices into our work.

Charity: We believe that empathy, kindness and compassion are the soul of the human experience and that in giving, we realize our humanity. We donate a percentage of our revenue to charity each quarter.


A long walk in nature. The emerging flower examined with a fingertip. Snow drifts in the field. The card from a distant friend. A keepsake warm against the chest. Scent of lilac. Aroma of pine.  

We all have stories to tell, people and events to connect. Life Artfully Told helps you speak and connect your life, your stories, and your loves. We hope you make discoveries and feel nurtured and empowered along the way. 

Tell your story, beautiful. 

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